Tuesday, October 5, 2010

US & OZ: Day 5

From OZ:
This morning I made myself a coffee and the girls joined me for "baby chinos." The coffee shops here offer frothed milk with some kind of treat (marshmallows or gummy worms, etc) and serve it in little espresso cups for the kids, calling them baby chinos. 

How cute is that?  I love their little backpacks.  I also like that the doll's head is peeking out of the bag lest she suffocate.  That little girl is obviously a very thoughtful mummy.  

Kate has told the peeps at our local coffee shop about baby chinos and they might pick up the idea.  I know my daughter would love to try them!

Back here in the colonies it finally stopped raining and the sun actually peeked out.  It was a welcome sight.  Most of the plants were okay, but some of the more delicate flowers took a beating.  

Look at these little guys hanging on for dear life:

Their spines are broken, but not their spirit.  They want to provide the world with beauty and nothing will stop them.  

Also, in this picture there is proof that we own a hairy St. Bernard.  Can you spot it?  

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