Thursday, April 29, 2010

bob bob bobbing along

This song is usually in my head every morning.

I think this may be why...
(It could also have something to do with my love for Doris Day, but we can talk about that another day).

For now let's just say it's because of this little gal...
She is usually bob bob bobbing along every morning.
Looking for breakfast for herself and her little family.

Here little darlings, I found the most delicious worms this morning.
Only the best for my little darlings.
Oh, thank you mommy...mmm...yum yum yum...

I am pretty sure that is how the conversation goes in that nest of theirs.

Of course, it may be a does look like he/she has a little male robins have can you tell the difference between male/females robins??

*Editor's disclaimer*
The quality of the photos are not that great--sorry!
Once Mrs. Robin spied me she bobbed away as quickly as she could.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hoss is our dog. He is a big, beautiful St. Bernard.

Don't you think so?

I thought I should introduce you since I will post about him periodically.
He does some pretty interesting and funny stuff. Just you wait and see!

Today will just be about introductions though.

Hi, I'm Hoss.

I like long lies on the deck.

or on the grass

or on the driveway

What can I say? I like to lie about.
It's a tiring world out there for a St. Bernard.

Talk to ya later, I gotta catch some zzzzzz's...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Banana Bread

This is one of my favorite cookbooks.
It has the best waffle recipe ever!
It is the only recipe I use when making waffles.

I see waffles in my future

Sorry, I digress.

Today I noticed that my bananas
were in a state of despair.
I heard them calling to me.
Banana bread...
Turn us into banana bread...
Banana bread you say?
Well, if you insist!

And look!
A recipe!
In one of my favorite cookbooks!
What luck!

ok, enough with the exclamation points! oops, sorry

The recipe called for nuts, but there were none in my pantry.

Then, my daughter said
'wouldn't it be yummy if we put chocolate chips in it?'

Why, yes, I do believe it would be yummy if we had
chocolate chips to put in our banana bread.

Alas, there were no chocolate chips in the pantry.
Geez, pantry, what is wrong with you today?

But, then, I found this:

Pantry, you have redeemed yourself, thank you!

We broke up the chocolate into a bunch of little pieces
and threw it in the batter
do you see those little hands? love them.

With a few other ingredients we turned it into this:
I may even put a pat of butter on my piece

Oh, and your house will smell delicious.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outdoor Seating

I love to read. I love it. Love love love it.
I especially love the classics, but will read anything. (Well, almost anything).
I also love to read outside when it is nice and sunny and warm and breezy.
I have been looking for a lounger for my deck (just for reading purposes) and came across this.
I just had to have it.
However, me, being me, I couldn't just buy it right then and there...on the spot?!?
No sir-reee bob.
Just with everything I purchase, I had to give it a lot of thought and deliberation (it's a blessing and a curse). So, I mulled over it and found a lot of other lounge chairs in stores and online that I thought looked nice. But, I always came back to this one.
It reminded me of the Dominican Republic. I loved the Dominican Republic.
So, a few months later, I bit the bullet and bought it.
It arrived today.

The UPS man leaned the box against my garage door.

It made me very excited when I saw it. I dragged it outback (with help from my little girl and her little red wagon) and put it together. ALL BY MYSELF! It was very easy.
No jimmy-rigging necessary (which is what sometimes has to be done when you buy furniture online and have to put it together yourself).

What do you think?

All that's missing is a cushion. I have to find one.
I don't think it will be too hard. It's that time of year, so they're everywhere.

I even bought the little side table.
I am not messing around when it comes to my lounge time.

That's the book I have to read for my next book club meeting.
Have you ever read it? Is it good? Will I be able to finish it in time?

Our next meeting is in 4 weeks. I guess I should start it soon...
Now that I have the chair it should be easy. right?!