Thursday, March 10, 2011

Landscaping: Phase 1 of 15,6879

Our house is situated on a somewhat wooded lot.  Those woods have been encroaching on our yard for the last decade and now it has completely taken over.  
Well, not completely, but almost!  
For the past few years I have been getting estimates and meaning to have some trees cut down and the underbrush cleared, but it never seemed to happen.  
Well this Spring I finally pulled the trigger.  

Men came with chainsaws and cut away at the underbrush:

Men climbed with chainsaws and sawed off branches:

and then climbed higher:

oh, mylanta!  
(c'mon, I know you watched Full House.  Gotta love those DJ Tanner one-liners)

This is around the time when he called for his Mommy and a bottle of milk:

no lie...

This is where he kissed it up to God and 


From one tree...

to another...

and, yes...while he is swinging around like Tarzan, he has a chainsaw tied around his waist.  


Good catch!


Did I mention this is where I would like to plant a garden...


Wish me luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Virginia

Last summer my family started talking about adding another to our fold.  
My husband said 'no more 2-leggeds.'  
And, as much as I begged and pleaded, he would not budge.  
Apparently it takes two to tango so there was not much I could do about it on my own.  
So, we opted for another 4-legged animal.  
When we found out Hoss has cancer and may only have a few months to live we thought, maybe we shouldn't get another dog.  I talked to people who had gone through it before with their animals and they said that we should go ahead with our plans.  

So, we did.  
She's a Goldendoodle.

My husband had meetings in DC and Virginia and got this little cutie in Virginia.   
We named her after her place of birth.  

Bringing her toy to Hoss.  
Not quite sure why she brought it to his tail end, but she's a baby, so she's excused.  

Curling up with Hoss' paws.  

Hoggin' the bed.