Sunday, October 31, 2010

US & OZ: Happy Halloween!!

Kate said that Australia just recently started celebrating Halloween and some people don't even know what it is.  That is why it is so sparsely decorated.  Plus, it is spring over there, not fall, so I am sure that makes it harder to decorate with the typical autumnal theme.  I do like the charm of the creative designs though.  What do you think?

From OZ:

the most impressive decoration in town.

From US:

Blow-up decorations.  I think I prefer the homemade Australian kind ;~)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

US & OZ: October 30, 2010

Let's see what we have on this night of mischief...

From OZ:

I searched and searched for some Halloween decorations and until today there has been absolutely NONE. I finally found the first house with decorations and it was so laughable I had to share it. Supposedly the family I live with has "heaps" but I am yet to see any. Maybe they only put them out on the actual day? We will see.

I really wanted to post a photo of Halloween decorations to go along with Kate's, but I just had to share this one...

From US:

Today was my son's last baseball game of the season and look who showed up to ump...Santa Claus!  Just in time for Halloween!!

~Happy Haunting~

US & OZ: October 29, 2010

From OZ:

i saw her hunched over in the yard with her mom's camera...asked her what she was doing. 
"i'm just taking a picture of the poo." 
of course. it was a nice lookin turd.

From US:

Pretty sure the turd didn't come from this girl.  
She was at the school's Halloween parade.  
I was so taken with her that I couldn't help but take some photos.  
The owner didn't tell me to stop so I just kept on clickin'  
Doesn't she look like she has lipstick and eyeliner on?  
Maybe she was hoping to meet someone special...  

Thursday, October 28, 2010

US & OZ: October 28, 2010

From OZ:
Australia likes to pretend that their economy is struggling just like the States...
but here is some proof. 
There are jobs here! Lots!

From US:
Finding a fuzzy caterpillar on an expedition.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

US & OZ: October 27, 2010

Picnic fun in the park. Can you tell Dora is very popular in Australia?

A dark and dreary leaf soaked driveway.  

FIJI, by Kate

Here are some photos that Kate shared of her trip to Fiji.  She took about 872203, and I wanted to narrow it down to about 5 for a blog post, but failed.

Here is what I ended up with:

Isn't it gorgeous? 

This is Monuriki Island where Castaway with Tom Hanks was filmed.  

Every beach has pesky birds.  Even paradise.  

A village ceremony where they drink a not so tasty concoction.  

Every island I have been to has stray dogs running about, 
and Fiji seems to be no exception:

Here is where I would like to relax and read a book:

All photos and information provided by:
Comments by me!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

US & OZ: October 26, 2010

From the shoeless down under:

People can't seem to hold on to their shoes around here. :)

From the Halloween decorated US:

Frankie, our Halloween decoration.  He has been with us for about 10 years.  
He sings, 'who can it be knocking at my door, go away, don't come 'round here no more'.  The kids love him, and so do the adults!  

Monday, October 25, 2010

US & OZ: October 25, 2010

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I am a bit under the weather (a terrible place to be) and have been dozing on the sofa.

Here is the photo from OZ:
Well it started pouring again so I went with this picture. 
I've been wanting to show off the butterfly stickers on my window. :) 
I think they have been there since the first au pair.

and the photo from US:

Kate has said that the month of October is making her homesick so I thought I would take a photo of home.  These are the delicious deciduous trees by Kate's house.
Don't they look stunning?
One thing I love about fall on the east coast is the color.  Even driving down the highway is more enjoyable when you can admire all the gorgeous coordinating colors of the leaves.

As I was snapping away I thought, I hope this doesn't make her more homesick.  My intentions were pure, I assure you!!


Stay tuned...

for more US & OZ.  

This is Kate's suitcase and she is back from Fiji!!  
We are going to finish out the month with our daily photos.

Can't wait!


Monday, October 18, 2010

My One True Love

and no, it's not my no good lousy husband...

it's this guy:
isn't he handsome?  

He sees me and starts walking towards me
That's just how happy he is to see me

He stands there and lets me take goofy pictures of him
and I didn't even have any treats for the handsome fella

His friend comes up and wonders if there are any treats for him

But, my man says back off, she's mine!

Who doesn't want a partner like that?
My lover boy

His name is Slick

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

The only time I take a picture of my son wielding a knife

My daughter decided to color hers as well

Notice the earrings?

It's all very tiring

Trying to piece it all back together

The end result:

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Photography Series Hiatus

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately our US & OZ photo series will be taking a little hiatus while gorgeous Kate in vacationing in gorgeous Fiji.  There are no phones, tvs, wireless.


So, while all this makes for a relaxing and fun vacation it really doesn't help when you want to email photographs to people.
But, stop being selfish, geez...

Not to worry though.  She will be back before we know it so CHIN UP!

No tears!
oh, well, maybe that is just directed to me, but, well, carry on...

Have fun, Kate!  We look forward to your return!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

US: Day 7

No photo from Kate again today.
I didn't want to be misleading,
or accused of fraudulent advertising so I took 'OZ' out of the title...

boo hoo hoo hoo wah wah wah sob sob sob
Oh, Kate, why do you forsake me so?


okay, now that I have collected myself here is my photo from the good ol' U.S. of A.  

Yes, it's a cow
But not just any cow
Oh no
This cow is about 6ft tall at the withers
HUGE I tell ya

He belongs to our local apple orchard and if no one is paying him any attention 
he moos 
until he gets the attention he so desires (and deserves, I am sure)!
He is very social.  

He is soooo cute!!  Just look at that face

He loves when the kids pet him.
Gentle giant.

oh, and he can fit a WHOLE pumpkin in his mouth!
HUGE I tell ya!  HUGE!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

US & OZ: Day 6

I did not receive a photo from Kate before she left for Fiji.  I did get an email from her and I think she may have attached a photo to it, but it didn't come through.  She did, however, assure me that she packed her camera!!

So, here is the photo that I imagine she would have sent me:

hahaha, couldn't resist...
 that's not a knife...this is a knife...

anyhoo...back to our regularly scheduled programming...

My little one has finally mastered the 2-wheeler without the aid of training wheels.  She was SO excited and proud to ride around with her big brother.

Photography Series Update

I have been thoroughly enjoying the US & OZ series.  I love getting the lovely photos from our friend down undah and also love the challenge of taking a photo a day myself.

Today, however, we have run into our first glitch.  I usually get a photo from Kate bright and early in my time zone. However, today she is traveling to Fiji and I haven't received a photo from her yet.  I am sure it has to do with packing and traveling and time differences.  I really hope that once she gets to Fiji she has internet connection and we will be able to carry on as planned.  I really can't wait to see some photos from Fiji.

I will still take a daily photo and post it at the end of the day, but there probably won't be one from Kate.  We'll see...fingers crossed...

Let's all say a prayer that she has/had a safe flight to Fiji and remembered to bring her camera!!

Check back later~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

US & OZ: Day 5

From OZ:
This morning I made myself a coffee and the girls joined me for "baby chinos." The coffee shops here offer frothed milk with some kind of treat (marshmallows or gummy worms, etc) and serve it in little espresso cups for the kids, calling them baby chinos. 

How cute is that?  I love their little backpacks.  I also like that the doll's head is peeking out of the bag lest she suffocate.  That little girl is obviously a very thoughtful mummy.  

Kate has told the peeps at our local coffee shop about baby chinos and they might pick up the idea.  I know my daughter would love to try them!

Back here in the colonies it finally stopped raining and the sun actually peeked out.  It was a welcome sight.  Most of the plants were okay, but some of the more delicate flowers took a beating.  

Look at these little guys hanging on for dear life:

Their spines are broken, but not their spirit.  They want to provide the world with beauty and nothing will stop them.  

Also, in this picture there is proof that we own a hairy St. Bernard.  Can you spot it?  

Monday, October 4, 2010

US & OZ: Day 4

So, the regularly gorgeous Kate sent me this photo this morning:
Mary always keeps fresh flowers around the house. 
I have no idea what kind these are, but they sure are perty. :)

ummm...I am pretty sure they are lillies...did you really not know that Kate?  
What will your mother say??

I have to say, looking at this photo made me just a little bit, just a tiny twinge (really teensy) jealous.  Seeing the bright blooms and the sunny weather through the glass made ME.WANT.THAT!!  

oh, ahem, cough cough, sorry...lost my place there for a second.  

You see, as I was looking out my windows it was dark and dreary and wet and cold.  
I kept waiting for the elusive sun to peek out, but alas, it did not.  So, on went the wellies and rain jacket and out I went with my camera.  I had spied something earlier on my way down the driveway and I knew I wanted to photograph it.  

Here it is:
Mushrooms growing out of a fallen tree.  Taken around 5pm.  

That's just how much it has been raining.  
Mushrooms are sprouting up all over the place.  
And toadstools.

Notice the contrast in the photos?  
Bright and colorful vs. Dark and dreary.  

Sunday, October 3, 2010

US & OZ: Day 3

So, gorgeous Kate has asked to be called regular instead of gorgeous.   
Say what?!!??  
It's tough being gorgeous.  

Here is the photo and description she sent me this morning:
I keep making friends with other people's animals. This little guy is always hanging out on my street...he's very photogenic. Or she? He just looks like a dude to me. 
This was around 4 or 5pm, I can't remember! (Daylight savings started today).  

Regular Kate grew up with animals so I am not surprised that they want to be her friend.  And, as she is enjoying Daylight Savings and flowers blooming and looking forward to a scorching hot summer; we here are saying goodbye to summer and welcoming fall and looking forward to a snowy winter.
(what?  you're not?  oh...forget I said anything)

Today was a fall day for me for sure.  The weather was freezing, windy and then it started to rain.  And, to even further prove that it is fall we got some mums...
This was taken around 3pm as it was waiting to be planted.  
But, then it started raining, so it's just going to have to wait until tomorrow.  
Mums the word...;~)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

US & OZ: Day 2

From gorgeous Kate in OZ:
This is a corner of the "fairy garden" in my backyard, at around 3pm.

11am.  Moss growing out of an outdoor seat.  

Friday, October 1, 2010

US & OZ: Day 1

Hello everyone, 
Here is the photo that the gorgeous Kate sent me this morning:

"i'm in a suburb of sydney. the pic is of the sidewalk of my street at around 3:30pm."
-Gorgeous Kate

Knowing that she had taken her photo around 3:30pm I thought I would try to do the same.  However, it has been rainy and cloudy and overall dreary here so I thought I would wait until the sun started to peak out.  It did around 4pm and I took this shot around 4:30pm:

It is a tree at the end of my driveway and it looks at me everyday while I wait for the school bus.
Sometimes it can look a little creepy, but it usually makes me smile.  While I look at the tree and daydream I believe that Nature is just bursting to talk to me so the tree grew a face.  One day I will walk down to the end of my driveway and it will have a mouth and then the conversations will get really good.  Right now they are a little one-sided.  


Photography Series

I am very excited to announce a little photography series that my friend and I have been plotting.
I have named it US & OZ.  

Here is a little background:

My friend (who was once just the babysitter of my children, but now is also my friend) is spending a year in Australia being an au pair.  
Tough job.  
She is staying with a gorgeous family who have gorgeous houses (yes, plural) and gorgeous children and she is meeting gorgeous people and taking gorgeous photographs.  
Like I said, tough job.  

So, on a related note, and for a little more background, my sister has been telling me that I should do a photo series.  She suggested doing a 365 day project.  Have you heard of them?  If not, google it, some of them are really great.  It's basically a photograph a day for a year--365 days.  So, as I was thinking of the 365 challenge I thought of something else entirely.  My mind tends to wander a lot...

How about a photograph a day for a month?
But not just one photograph.  How about two?!?  
And, not just two from me
One from me and one from my friend in OZ.  
One from the U.S and one from Australia.  
And, thus, the title of my series was born...US & OZ.  

What do you think?

So, one night while I was chatting/IMing/emailing with my friend
(I can't remember which mode of communication it was)  
I brought it up to her and she loved the idea and was more than willing to participate.  
And, lo and behold, this morning there was a photograph from her in my inbox.  
However, I won't be posting it until the end of my day.  
You see, as I am sitting here typing this post it is not even 8am.  
However, in OZ it is bedtime.  
There is a 14 hour difference.  
So, she actually took her photograph yesterday.  
But, she thought it was today.  
It's crazy over there in Australia.  
Don't ask...

They also think it's springtime.  Not fall.  Crazy I tell ya!!  

Anyhoo...I want to post both photographs together so I am waiting until the end of my day when I have taken my daily photograph and then I will post both of them with brief descriptions for each.  (should I have used a comma in there somewhere??)

As with all best laid plans there is always a caveat.  
Since she is the au pair she has to go on vacation with the family.  
It's a tough job.  
This year the family is enjoying a holiday in...drumroll please...FIJI.  
Did I mention it's a tough job?  
So, since she will be living in a hut in the South Pacific (she's got it rough man) she is not sure of her internet connection.  We are hoping that she will still be able to email me a daily photograph...fingers crossed!  If not, we will just have to take a little hiatus and start it up again when she gets back.  I am really looking forward to seeing her daily photographs and am really hoping to see some daily shots of Fiji.  
She is a great photographer, so I know you'll enjoy them too.  

I hope you enjoy the series.  Check back later for the first installment.