Friday, October 1, 2010

US & OZ: Day 1

Hello everyone, 
Here is the photo that the gorgeous Kate sent me this morning:

"i'm in a suburb of sydney. the pic is of the sidewalk of my street at around 3:30pm."
-Gorgeous Kate

Knowing that she had taken her photo around 3:30pm I thought I would try to do the same.  However, it has been rainy and cloudy and overall dreary here so I thought I would wait until the sun started to peak out.  It did around 4pm and I took this shot around 4:30pm:

It is a tree at the end of my driveway and it looks at me everyday while I wait for the school bus.
Sometimes it can look a little creepy, but it usually makes me smile.  While I look at the tree and daydream I believe that Nature is just bursting to talk to me so the tree grew a face.  One day I will walk down to the end of my driveway and it will have a mouth and then the conversations will get really good.  Right now they are a little one-sided.  


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  1. OMG - what a FABULOUS I cannot wait to check in each day to see beautiful pics from here and abroad-- not to be confusing Gorgeous Kate with a broad :)

    How very original and FUN!