Thursday, October 7, 2010

US: Day 7

No photo from Kate again today.
I didn't want to be misleading,
or accused of fraudulent advertising so I took 'OZ' out of the title...

boo hoo hoo hoo wah wah wah sob sob sob
Oh, Kate, why do you forsake me so?


okay, now that I have collected myself here is my photo from the good ol' U.S. of A.  

Yes, it's a cow
But not just any cow
Oh no
This cow is about 6ft tall at the withers
HUGE I tell ya

He belongs to our local apple orchard and if no one is paying him any attention 
he moos 
until he gets the attention he so desires (and deserves, I am sure)!
He is very social.  

He is soooo cute!!  Just look at that face

He loves when the kids pet him.
Gentle giant.

oh, and he can fit a WHOLE pumpkin in his mouth!
HUGE I tell ya!  HUGE!!

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