Friday, October 1, 2010

Photography Series

I am very excited to announce a little photography series that my friend and I have been plotting.
I have named it US & OZ.  

Here is a little background:

My friend (who was once just the babysitter of my children, but now is also my friend) is spending a year in Australia being an au pair.  
Tough job.  
She is staying with a gorgeous family who have gorgeous houses (yes, plural) and gorgeous children and she is meeting gorgeous people and taking gorgeous photographs.  
Like I said, tough job.  

So, on a related note, and for a little more background, my sister has been telling me that I should do a photo series.  She suggested doing a 365 day project.  Have you heard of them?  If not, google it, some of them are really great.  It's basically a photograph a day for a year--365 days.  So, as I was thinking of the 365 challenge I thought of something else entirely.  My mind tends to wander a lot...

How about a photograph a day for a month?
But not just one photograph.  How about two?!?  
And, not just two from me
One from me and one from my friend in OZ.  
One from the U.S and one from Australia.  
And, thus, the title of my series was born...US & OZ.  

What do you think?

So, one night while I was chatting/IMing/emailing with my friend
(I can't remember which mode of communication it was)  
I brought it up to her and she loved the idea and was more than willing to participate.  
And, lo and behold, this morning there was a photograph from her in my inbox.  
However, I won't be posting it until the end of my day.  
You see, as I am sitting here typing this post it is not even 8am.  
However, in OZ it is bedtime.  
There is a 14 hour difference.  
So, she actually took her photograph yesterday.  
But, she thought it was today.  
It's crazy over there in Australia.  
Don't ask...

They also think it's springtime.  Not fall.  Crazy I tell ya!!  

Anyhoo...I want to post both photographs together so I am waiting until the end of my day when I have taken my daily photograph and then I will post both of them with brief descriptions for each.  (should I have used a comma in there somewhere??)

As with all best laid plans there is always a caveat.  
Since she is the au pair she has to go on vacation with the family.  
It's a tough job.  
This year the family is enjoying a holiday in...drumroll please...FIJI.  
Did I mention it's a tough job?  
So, since she will be living in a hut in the South Pacific (she's got it rough man) she is not sure of her internet connection.  We are hoping that she will still be able to email me a daily photograph...fingers crossed!  If not, we will just have to take a little hiatus and start it up again when she gets back.  I am really looking forward to seeing her daily photographs and am really hoping to see some daily shots of Fiji.  
She is a great photographer, so I know you'll enjoy them too.  

I hope you enjoy the series.  Check back later for the first installment.  


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