Sunday, October 3, 2010

US & OZ: Day 3

So, gorgeous Kate has asked to be called regular instead of gorgeous.   
Say what?!!??  
It's tough being gorgeous.  

Here is the photo and description she sent me this morning:
I keep making friends with other people's animals. This little guy is always hanging out on my street...he's very photogenic. Or she? He just looks like a dude to me. 
This was around 4 or 5pm, I can't remember! (Daylight savings started today).  

Regular Kate grew up with animals so I am not surprised that they want to be her friend.  And, as she is enjoying Daylight Savings and flowers blooming and looking forward to a scorching hot summer; we here are saying goodbye to summer and welcoming fall and looking forward to a snowy winter.
(what?  you're not?  oh...forget I said anything)

Today was a fall day for me for sure.  The weather was freezing, windy and then it started to rain.  And, to even further prove that it is fall we got some mums...
This was taken around 3pm as it was waiting to be planted.  
But, then it started raining, so it's just going to have to wait until tomorrow.  
Mums the word...;~)


  1. As the mother of the Oz child, I am SO excited about this!!! thanks for thinking of it!!

  2. You picked one of my favorite colors of mums! I also like the bright gold color. Sheesh - I need me some mums!!

  3. Thanks, Anon ;~) I am glad you like it!! I gotta say, I am loving it as well!

    FPFG, that is my fav color of mum as well. I also like the gold ones and the ones that are just a little orange-y. Go get thee some mums woman!