Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Virginia

Last summer my family started talking about adding another to our fold.  
My husband said 'no more 2-leggeds.'  
And, as much as I begged and pleaded, he would not budge.  
Apparently it takes two to tango so there was not much I could do about it on my own.  
So, we opted for another 4-legged animal.  
When we found out Hoss has cancer and may only have a few months to live we thought, maybe we shouldn't get another dog.  I talked to people who had gone through it before with their animals and they said that we should go ahead with our plans.  

So, we did.  
She's a Goldendoodle.

My husband had meetings in DC and Virginia and got this little cutie in Virginia.   
We named her after her place of birth.  

Bringing her toy to Hoss.  
Not quite sure why she brought it to his tail end, but she's a baby, so she's excused.  

Curling up with Hoss' paws.  

Hoggin' the bed.



  1. oh my god that last photo, so sweet

    such a patient big ol' Hoss and that Virginia is too sweet for words. Found you at Love from me xo from Nova Scotia Susan