Thursday, April 29, 2010

bob bob bobbing along

This song is usually in my head every morning.

I think this may be why...
(It could also have something to do with my love for Doris Day, but we can talk about that another day).

For now let's just say it's because of this little gal...
She is usually bob bob bobbing along every morning.
Looking for breakfast for herself and her little family.

Here little darlings, I found the most delicious worms this morning.
Only the best for my little darlings.
Oh, thank you mommy...mmm...yum yum yum...

I am pretty sure that is how the conversation goes in that nest of theirs.

Of course, it may be a does look like he/she has a little male robins have can you tell the difference between male/females robins??

*Editor's disclaimer*
The quality of the photos are not that great--sorry!
Once Mrs. Robin spied me she bobbed away as quickly as she could.


  1. I think that's exactly what she is saying! Hey, I will ask my neighbor who is a "birdie" (kind of like "foodie") Jenn is sure to know...

  2. What a charming day!