Friday, December 31, 2010


The photo from OZ is pretty scary...have your hands by your eyes just in case you need to cover them.

Are you ready?

Here it is...

I don't think you'll have to look toooo closely to find the little australian murder machine.      
I don't know if that is really a poisonous one, but he sure looks pissed.

EEK...!!!!  A scary spider.  It might even be venomous.  There are all kinds of poisonous animals down undah.  Not sure what the proper scientific name is, but scary spider seems apt.  

Kate's pretty sure she's correct and the proper name is 'little Australian murder machine'.  

come-see; come-saw

Meanwhile, back in Kansas.  

Well, not really Kansas, but since I was talking about OZ it just seemed like a natural segue.  (not to be confused with a motorised 2-wheeled machine).  

Speaking of murder machines (another segue, thankyouverymuch) have you ever observed the tenacity of Blue Jays?  They are fierce, big bullies.  They knock all the other little chickadees off the bird-feeder and then knock all the seeds off the perch until they find the one that they like.  They have even been known to dive bomb little doggies.  My friend's childhood pooch as a matter of fact.  But, that's another story for another time.   

Or, maybe they feel badly for knocking all the chickadees off the bird-feeder and are putting some seed on the ground for them...?  

But, now I have photographic proof that they are the ones making a mess with the birdseed.  So, if I ever corner them and they say,
'who us?  we don't make no stinkin messes.  You must be thinking of those other birds'.
I can whip out this photograph and say 'AH HA!  PROOF!'  And they will sheepishly fly away and leave the chickadees to eat when and where they like.  

And, one more thing.  How about the contrast between the two photographs.  Kate's background is green and colorful.  Lush foliage that should be present in summertime.  My background is bare branches and even a trace of snow on the roof of the bird-feeder.  

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