Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the Icicles hung off the gutter with care...

and my hope is they won't pull the gutter off the house like they did last year.  
okay, well, that didn't exactly rhyme, but, hey!  
(butt hay...hahahahaha....hay for your butt....heeheehee)
ahem.  scuse me.  forgot how old I was there for a second.  

Back to the icicles:

I loved the reflection in the window of this one so I thought I would share.   
We didn't get a lot of snow so I don't feel too guilty about taking pictures and not knocking down the icicles straight away lest they rip the gutters out of my house again... 
Last year the icicles were about twice as long and twice as wide and they just ripped that gutter right off of my house.  
(I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair...)
True story.  

Whilst I was trying to be artistic taking photos of icicles my son was being inventive in his own right.   Trying to sled down the slide.  (say that 3 times fast).

oh boy...this is not looking good.  Should I ask if he is okay,  or just keep taking photos?  
Keep taking photos?  Oh, I am so glad you said that.  

hmmm....mummy's here if you need me darling.  

okay, now, it looks like he has finally righted himself

Ah, to be a child again.  I could laugh when people say but, hey!  and take photos of children in precarious situations without offering aide.  Oh, I already do that?  hmm....well, Happy New Year!

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