Friday, December 3, 2010

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Well, as illness continues to make its way through the household it seems I have been forgetting to do some other things.  Oh, like decorate for the season and buy some gifts for my family to open on Christmas morning.  There's only 3 weeks left!

And, to post a photo from Gorgeous Kate down undah.  We are both a little too busy to do daily photographs, but when she sends me one I will post it.  I am looking forward to seeing Australia decorated for Christmas!

Kate sent me this photo yesterday:

Welcome back to Australia, here is a picture of some weird tree goo!! :)

I just love seeing everything in bloom!
It is quite a contrast to this one:

berries hanging on to bare prickly branches.  
I am not sure what kind of bush it is, but it is in our back yard and those thorns hurt!

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