Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Swan Thieves

I recently read this book for our book club meeting:
The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova.

Let me tell you, it was a good book!

But, before I wax poetic about the book let me get the negative stuff out of the way. I want you to know the whole truth before you go out and read it for yourself.

I did not like the ending.

The author obviously put all her energy into the first two thirds of the book (which were wonderful) and maybe ran out of steam towards the end? I feel like she wrote the ending this way: '...and there you have it. The End.' There was a major point that wasn't discussed or explained and it was something for which I was hoping to be thoroughly explained.

However, the book had me at hello. I mean, prologue. The book had me at the prologue. One of the best prologues I have ever read. It's something that you want to read over and over again. It washes over you. A perfect shower. Just the right temperature and pressure. You can't help but turn the page and bask in the words.

Once you have turned the page and then turned more pages you will want to visit museums. You will want to visit France. You will want to visit museums in France. You will want to study Impressionism. You will want to buy an easel and sit by the sea and paint (even if you have no artistic abilities). In that sense the book is inspiring. The book intertwines two stories. One from modern day and one from the late 1800's. I found the story fascinating.

I really don't want to tell too much about the story. I would love for everyone to read it. Even though I did not like the ending I still very much recommend this book. Who knows, you might like the ending! Please, let me know...


  1. Your review? Perfection. I especially loved your synopsis of the author penning the ending. ;) I oddly haven't heard of this one. I'll have to add it to the list!

    ps- Cutest gap-toothed smile ever, up above. :)

  2. FPFG-Definitely add it to your list. Her other popular book (maybe her debut novel?) is The Historian. I haven't read it, but have heard good things about it. It's on my list.
    Thanks for your comments. I just love that you read my blog!! ;~))

  3. Your blog? Perfection! I love what FPFG said above - she is so right! Every time I come to peek here I think...she's got "it"...

    Miss you friend - need to catch up! Need to blogging myself. I've had a week away to reflect and have some ideas to discuss :).

    Meanwhile, Eat, Pray, Love sister