Monday, July 5, 2010

I love to read and you should too!!!

I started writing this particular blog post about the last book we read for our book club meeting.

And then it turned into a blog about book clubs and why you should start one (I'm bossy that way).

And then it just became a blog about how much I love to read and why everyone should do it (see? bossy).

Then I realised that I had 3 posts rolled into one and decided to edit a little bit, just so it made more sense to the reader of this blog (I am pretty sure there is only one ;~)).

Then I rejoiced because I have more blog posts that I can post at any given time (it'll be a surprise. it'll just sneak right up on you) and I don't have to think that hard about them (not that I think that hard in general. thinking is generally an easy going thing that I do. and yes, I do do it! teehee, I just said do do. teeheehee).

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program:

As some of you might know I have a book club that meets about once a month. I really enjoy being in a book club and I highly recommend you create one with your neighbours, friends, etc... I love to read and when I have finished a book (especially a very good one) it stays with me for a while (sometimes forever) and I find it very cathartic and refreshing to discuss the book with others. It’s these reasons that make me enjoy a book club so much. Now, when I finish a book, I think ‘I wonder what so and so thought of that’. Or, ‘this part reminds me of Jen-I can’t wait to discuss it with her’.

When you discuss a book the general consensus is (usually) the same. The overall theme of the book people either liked or didn’t like. People liked this relationship; people didn’t like the ending. However, it is the little bits and pieces of the book that people remember differently.

It’s like if 10 people see the same movie and at the end you ask them what was their favourite scene or line you will most likely get 10 different answers.

A book is the same way.

A line that you read and didn’t think twice about another reader will have marked. That line is underlined and highlighted and there is a sticky tab at the edge so she doesn’t forget what page it’s on. She is ready to discuss that line/paragraph/page and how it resonated with her.

Someone always says something that you never thought of.

Another reader will think that a character was not nice at all, but instead very manipulative and you will exclaim, 'but but but WHY?! WHAT do you mean? HOW could you have interpreted it that way?' and once you hear all her reasons you think, 'oh, maybe that character wasn't really nice after all.'

Other people's points of view take what you know and mash it up--squeeze it together. It makes your head hurt. All of a sudden you feel your mind broadening and then you go 'huh'.

That's all, just a 'huh'.

But it's enough.

Your brain has done a somersault and it's all because of a book.

Maybe you start looking differently at people you know who you thought were similar to that character. Maybe, because of this other person's viewpoint you start giving people the benefit of the doubt.

All because of a book.

A fictitious book that some writer just created out of thin air.


You have opened your own mind because of it and looked deeply into your own soul.

As we all know a book is a very powerful thing. It can take you places you never dreamed of going. It can introduce you to your best friend; your romantic soul-mate; even yourself.

Read. It’s good for you.


  1. What an AWESOME posting! Cannot wait to share this with my reader/writer Tweeps - they're gonna love it too! It's so true - I may highlight some sentence out of Bleak House that I thought was just beautifully written, that everyone else skimmed over or - well now wait a minute - maybe YOU are starting to think of ME differently based on my book club commentary... Huh.

    Let the mind and soul expansion continue!

    I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Your comments always make me laugh! You're on to me now--I only like you because of your book club commentary!! haha...

    Thanks for the nice words <3