Friday, July 2, 2010

Golden Crisp

I was raised in a country where they had yummy chocolates and biscuits (cookies) and crisps (potato chips). Every Sunday, after Mass, we would walk to a little shop where my father would buy a newspaper and then treat his children (there are 6 of us) to a, well, a treat! We would all pick a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps and then eat it on the way home.

Sometimes some of us would not eat our treat right away, but save it until he/she got home and then torture us young innocents who had already eaten her treat by savoring it right in front of us and not even sharing a tiny morsel!
Torture I tell you! Torture!!!!
ahem, sorry, got a little carried away there...childhood memories can take you to dark places!!

When we moved to the US we could not find the treats that we were used to growing up. It was all very sad. American 'candy' was different. Some things were the same, but called different names. Like a Marathon bar is called a Snickers. Mars is called Milky Way, etc, etc, etc...

After a few years little stores would pop up here and there that carried the 'candy' from our youth. It was so exciting, but I could never find my one, true love. A Golden Crisp. So, one day, very recently, I mentioned that all I wanted was a Golden Crisp. Is that so much to ask?? For some reason I had a hankering and it would not go away. I needed my fix and I needed it now!!

Well, my childhood best friend, Chuckles, heard my plea and knew she just had to do something about it.

Well, what do you think my best friend did?

You got it. She sent me a little package of Golden Crisps.

Pure joy.

Now, how do I thank her? I want to send her something in return.
I've got some ideas. Do you?

ps...she even included a little hand written note.
She knows I like to feel like Jane Austen.

Happy Fourth!

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