Sunday, May 16, 2010

new item

So, this is what I got this weekend:
It was part of some liquidation sale, or moving sale, or I can't remember what the signs said, but it was less than $60.
As my husband says, 'you couldn't afford NOT to get it!' Yes, Dear.

Anyhoo...what do you think?
I have always liked the weathered painted look on furniture.

I like the yellow color and the floral detail, but I am not sure of how it looks in my house.
We recently had the interior of the house painted and the color here is a yellowish-gold color.

I am not sure if there is enough contrast between the wall and the piece.
The other furniture in our house is wood. Mostly darker stains like cherry or mahogany, so maybe that is what I am used to seeing which is why I am not instantly loving this?? I liked it in the store, but against the wall I am just not feeling it.
At $60 ya gotta love it, but where??
I'll try it around a few different places this week and see what I like the best.
I did want something next to the front door for mail, etc... and to just spruce up the place, which is why I got it. So, maybe it will end up here after all.
I will let you know after I play around with it for a few days!

If you have any design thoughts, ideas, comments please let me know~

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