Friday, May 21, 2010

Bleak House

Remember this book?

I mentioned it here.

I had to read it for my book club. Well, the meeting has come and gone and I finished the book. It was good. I was the only one in my book club who finished it. I guess it's that kind of book.

It is a book written by Charles Dickens in the 1850's. What I found most interesting about the book is the parallels to today's world. That some points and concerns (be them social, political or moral) are still points and concerns in today's society. That more than 150 years later we still feel the same way about certain things. That people still act a certain way. That certain things still need to change.

I also liked the characters and how they all intertwined with one another. That the reader saw them intertwine even though the characters themselves (some of them) never met or knew how a certain character had affected their life.

All in all I liked this book and would recommend it. However, I should point out that it is a meaty book and not for the light reader. If you have never read a classic before you might want to start with a Jane Austen before you dig into a Charles Dickens. If you like classics you will (hopefully) like this.

Read it and let me know!


  1. Girl - You are a real-deal reader, huh? I'm way impressed. I personally fear the classics...I know, I know. I also dislike period movies. What am I missing??

  2. Okay, I feel like a celebrity just commented on my blog! I love your blog, Shannan, and check it out all the time. Thanks for the comment on mine!

    As for the classics and period movies--you are missing alot! I love the PBS Masterpiece classic. I live for them. Check it out sometime. You just might be pleasantly surprised!