Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Recently we went for a hike. It was a lot of fun.
My daughter could hardly contain her excitement. She packed her little backpack with her bird caller and binoculars and as soon as she woke up she woke us up with a 'is it time to leave yet?'
So, we made sandwiches and cut up watermelon and packed the cooler and off we went.
When we got there we wiped bug repellent all over us and tried to catch up with my daughter.

She waits for no one!

The kids skipped rocks:
Finding the best rock is very important.
Flat and smooth make the best skippers (in case you were wondering).

Cutie Patootee

And then we spotted these:

So, my husband had to pick it up with a stick and show it off. And, of course, I had to take pictures of it. Wouldn't you?? No? Oh...hmm....

He told us that they don't have 1000 legs,
even though their name implies it.

My daughter named this one Twirly because it likes to twirl.
Sorry, are you still there?
I hope you are not grossed out by bugs and creepy crawlies.
I'll do better next time.


  1. Always enjoy your posts!! Where is this magical place?

  2. Eeek! Ick. I think I have it coming though, after posting pics of those disgusting snakes! ;)