Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baseball Dissection

My son loves baseball.  Like, A.LOT.
He loves it so much that, one day, he decided to dissect a baseball.
He wants to know all the ins and outs of baseball-figuratively and literally.

So, we start with an old baseball that was starting to come away at the seams

 By the way, I took all these photos with the Instagram app on my iPhone.  If you don't have it downloaded, do it now.  Ok?  Then come back and read the rest of my post, because, well, that would be the polite thing to do...

My son ripped the leather along the seams
 My daughter helped pose the ball.  This is very important to her.  The girl can pose.  

and inside was a ball.  A ball of yarn

And let me tell smelled!  Really bad.  Like mold and mildew.  

 And, underneath the yarn was a ball.  A ball of rubber. 

A rubber ball.  

 Stinky yarn.

Baseball innards that looks like a face.  

Picasso style.  

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