Monday, September 12, 2011

What did you do this summer?

Oh, us?  Well, thank you for asking.  Let's see...

Oh, yes, we experienced an earthquake.  That was quite a day.  I thought a tree was falling on our house and we were all going to get squished so I gathered my chickens and ran outside.  My friend, Jen, who is a SoCal native (that's SOuthern CALifornia for us cool people) told me that this indeed is the wrong thing to do in an earthquake.  As she is a SoCal native (again, we're cool) she has experienced a few earthquakes and told me that I should have gone under a sturdy table, or in a doorway, etc...  I am sure you've heard all of these before.  However, being that I am an East Coast native (or, EaCo since I'm cool--right?  That's something that we all say?  No?  hmm... still cool though ;)) I have never experienced an earthquake, but have experienced trees falling over so I ran outside to save myself from being squashed by the tree that I am still sure was going to fall on our house.

Got it?

Let's see, what else did we do... Oh yes!  Survived a hurricane.  You may have heard of Irene?  Now, I use the term 'survived' very loosely.  We have a backup generator and our power only went out for a few hours so we were much more fortunate than some homes and families.  Besides torrential downpours, a few tornado warnings and gusty winds, we fared just fine.  Our county has been declared a disaster area, but thanks be to God, we do not need any assistance from FEMA.

So, we had a memorable summer.  This past August, I have been told, was the second wettest August on record.  So, with all the rain and destroying winds, my poor tomato plants are not doing too well.  They took a thrashing, and well, I just don't want to talk about it.  So much for my homemade salsa with tomatoes from MY garden.  There's always next year--I hope!

I will leave you with one image, and then we are not to speak of my tomatoes anymore.  Too sad...

EaCo represent!

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  1. Yo yo, my EaCo sister friend!!! Just now reading this - you are too hilarious. I feel lucky, because not only do I follow your blog, but I know you in, like, real life, so I can also hear the smiling voice behind the words. Once again, a very original musing from Faline. Love it! xo