Sunday, January 23, 2011

It seems I have found a new addiction

photo contests

I keep finding them online.  Most of the time I don't enter, I just like viewing all the wonderful submissions.  But, recently I find myself entering them.  Maybe I'll get some feedback on my photo.  Some constructive criticism is always helpful.

The above photo I entered in Amy Nickerson's Winter Photo Contest.

Check it out and enter a photo.  It ends Wednesday, January 26th.  Good luck!

One of the things I like about this photo is the droplet of water coming off the second icicle from the left.  Plus, it just brings back memories of the enormous snowfall we got at the end of '09 and another huge snowfall in 2010.  We always get icicles hanging off our house.  One year they ripped the gutter right off the house.  Good times.  They usually hang outside our bathroom window so I can easily get some close-ups of them.  This was the great meltdown of 2010.  I think we had about a million feet of snow and some icicles were about 5 feet wide.  It was nuts!!  My kids had a blast though.

Go check out Amy's blog and enter a winter photo.  Don't leave me all alone in my addiction!


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  1. Wow! Those are some crazy out standing underneath them! :) Love the light shining on them and the varied lengths. Great shot!