Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eat Pray Love

When the book, Eat, Pray, Love first came out it was a phenomenon.  The author, Elizabeth Gilbert, was celebrated by Oprah herself; which probably took care of any money concerns she had.  (For those of you who read the book you know about her money concerns).

I read the book when it first came out and LOVED it.  I read the book again, recently, as part of the Book Club of which I am a member.  I loved it again.  It is a wonderful book about a spiritual journey that ends up healing the author in ways she probably never knew were possible (with God all things are possible).  I loved how it wasn't about a specific religion, just about her relationship with God.  Which is what all religions are about.  What difference does it make if you belong to one and I belong to another?  What matters is your spiritual relationship with God (or, the Almighty Peanut-Butter, whatever you chose to call It).  As Ketut (a character in the book) said, "when people start talking about religion, just smile and nod and say 'I absolutely agree with you' and then go home and do your own meditations or prayers, whatever you believe..."

When I heard about the movie I was excited.  First of all, I love going to the movies, and secondly, this movie was going to be shot on location in Italy, India and Bali.  I couldn't wait to see big, sweeping, panoramic views of the locations and dream about going to all of them.  Plus, I thought Julia Roberts was a pretty good choice to play Elizabeth Gilbert given that they are both pretty tall, lanky women.

Well, folks.  The movie was a big disappointment.
sad sad sad 

Now, I know there is never a movie based on a book that will be as good as the book.
Did you understand that??  

However, this was just sad sad sad

One of the things that I dislike about movies based on books is when 'they' add something into the movie that NEVER happened in the book.
(like, the Burrough being set on fire?  What was that all about?).
Why not just add more stuff from the book?
I know there are things that will have to be left out so the movie isn't 20 hours long, but don't just add things that were never part of the story!!  Come on people!!

Anyway, before I get overly excited, *ahem* let me just tell you that you should most definitely read the book, Eat Pray Love, if you have not already.  However, don't bother paying $10 to see the movie.  Wait until it's on TV if you want to catch it--it probably won't be too long before it is!

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  1. I didn't read the book yet and I won't be running out to see the movie with that review.
    It's true, most of the time the movie can't compare.