Friday, June 11, 2010


Remember when I said I was on my way home from a wedding? No? Well, I mentioned it here.
I am going to talk a little about the wedding.
Yes, yes, yes...the bride looked gorgeous and the groom looked handsome.

Simply gorgeous!

Some of these were consumed:

People held hands under the table.
I just thought of something! What if they didn't come together? What if it's a secret love? Oohh...holding hands under the table...naughty naughty!!

Anyhoo...back to the wedding...

Manicures were compared.

There was even a bagpiper. Because, well, that's just how we roll.
Oh, you take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in...
oh, ahem. sorry. I got a little carried away there. Bagpipes have that effect on me.

BUT, the main reason I want to talk about this wedding is because of this:
It was served at the Rehearsal Dinner. Caprese Salad.
It looked so good I just had to take a picture of it. It was delicious.
I wish they had served me a few plates of this.
I don't need no fancy steak or fish, just bring me plates of tomatoes and mozzarella please!

I will always look back fondly on this wedding because of this salad.

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  1. I really like the way you put your posts together and tell a story with pictures - I always have one of those "hey, how come I didn't think of that" thoughts...the holding hands under the table pic - priceless.

    And yes, that Caprese Salad looks heavenly too!