Monday, June 28, 2010

Turkey Vultures

In our neck of the woods we have quite a few turkey vultures, and hawks, and wild turkeys, and deer, and and's just that kind of place. So, one day while I was out lounging on the deck while my little one was playing I noticed this up in the sky:
Hello!! I am alive down here, please stop circling me.

Well, he wasn't really up in the sky,
more like just above the treetops right over me.
I pinched myself just to make sure I hadn't died whilst lounging. It hurt, so I was still alive (phew) and had a bruise to prove it (ow). I moved around just so he wouldn't land next to me and start pecking.
lord bless us and save us, can you imagine??
He wasn't convinced.
What can I say? It was hot out, he probably thought I was a beached whale...
See that little speck in the clouds? That's another one. I guess it was lunchtime.
Finally he got the idea that this restaurant was closed and he would not be eating here today. Just stick with the highways buddy, there is always something lying around there.

See you later...
and away he flew~

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