Friday, November 2, 2012

Ta Da!

I chose "Bold Brick" by Sherwin Williams for the door.  It's growing on me.  It's not the color I was picturing in my head.  I think it has a bit too much coral in it instead of reddish/brown.  But, none the less, it is growing on me and I love it more and more each day.  As much as you can love your front door that is...

We still have the lighting to install and some landscaping to do.  I have the exterior lights picked out from this site and am 90% sure on the interior foyer light.

As for the landscaping I want to do a pea-gravel walkway and add a few boxwoods around the deck. The planting will probably wait until Spring as it got very cold over the last week and planting now would probably not be a good idea.  Hopefully we can get the pea-gravel walkway in though.

The 'wrapping up' process at the end of a project always seems to take the longest, but it will be worth it in the end.  I like to really take my time with things to make sure I am making the correct decision.
What do you think?  Have I been making correct decisions?

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