Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Remember the time it took me 3 years to pick out a front door?

Good times...

What I've been working on lately is my foyer area.  And by 'working on' I mean thinking about.  I haven't actually done any physical labor, just a lot of mental anguish.  Do you know it's really hard to choose a front door?  You didn't?  Well, take my word for it.  It's hard y'all.
I know you love it when I talk country!

So, here is what my foyer looks like:

Glass, glass, everywhere.  It is pretty, and lets in a lot of natural light, but when it's hot it burns up like a greenhouse inside. Also, the build-up of condensation on the glass means that the seals are blown on the windows.  And, when the seals are blown on your windows it means that you might as well open the front door and throw money out into the yard.  It's not very energy efficient.  Knowing this we called some window guys and they gave us an estimate to replace the windows.  And, then we thought, do we really just want to replace the windows?  What if we changed the configuration of the whole foyer?!?  So crazy it just might work. (name that movie)
And, by the way, when I say 'we' I mean 'I'.  I just like to say 'we' to give the appearance that my husband was involved.  I'm magnanimous.
BAM!  Every once in a while I'm going to throw out an SAT word.  Be prepared people.  My blog is high brow.

So, then I sat and thought for a year about different configurations of windows and doors.  We called some different guys out to give us another estimate and then I sat and thought about it for another year.  Then, I called the guys back and said, I think I know what I want so let's get this show on the road.
What I am going to do is move the front door from the side to the actual front of the house and I am going to close up the ceiling.  Windows on the ceiling just boil the place up, so glass is coming out and drywall is going up.  I still want to keep the light and airy feel that lets in a lot of natural light so I ordered 8ft doors that are mostly glass.  Now all we have to do is wait for permits and the door to come in and then hopefully the boys will knock it out and build it back up in no time.  That's how construction usually works, right?

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