Monday, January 23, 2012

Laundry Area

As some of you may remember my word for the year is ORGANIZE.  My goal was to set the timer and work for an hour in a certain area of my house.  Let me tell you, it is amazing what you can get done in an hour.


One of the areas I thought I would share with you today is my laundry area.  I do not have a laundry room.  Our washer and dryer are in the basement, just up against the wall.  Under arrest as I like to say.  Have you noticed that a lot of people have their furniture under arrest?  As in, "up against the wall and spread 'em".  

Anyhoo, my laundry area is right at the bottom of the basement steps.  It's just a washer, dryer with the wash basin and a shelf above it all.  The unorganized area was the shelf.  It holds my detergent and miscellany laundry needs, but over time has just become a catch-all.  

Without further ado, here is a before:

I'm embarrassed to say that most of it was empty stuff that just needed to be tossed in the recycle bucket.  I tossed what was empty, took the shelf down, washed it off and put it back in place with everything nice and orderly.  


my favorite detergent:

I do enjoy some oxygen bleach:

I got this jar a few years ago for my oxygen bleach.  I believe I got it at the Container Store, but I could be wrong.  (It happens every once in a while).  

I love the Mrs. Meyers and Method product lines.  Mrs. Meyers has a wonderful oxygen bleach, but I don't know if they make it anymore.  I haven't been able to find it in a while.  *sob*
Recently I just picked up some Oxy Clean, but it doesn't smell as good as Mrs. Meyers.  

I keep a little scoop in it

and it works very well for me.  

I also have a little dish for the coins and buttons that you inevitably find whilst doing laundry

And there you have it.  An hour of my day not gone to waste.  

Happy Organizing!

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