Monday, April 4, 2011

Love From Me

There is a wonderful woman in Canada.

Actually, I am pretty sure there are lots of wonderful women in Canada, but the particular one I am talking about it Sara Harley.

Sara was diagnosed with cancer in November 2010 and instead of wallowing in a 'woe is me' attitude she thought, 'how can I provide inspiration and support to others with this disease?'  Inspired by this thought she decided to create a book of inspirational artwork and photographs that would lift the spirits of the readers.  

And, you know what she called it?

The Love From Me project.

Isn't that a wonderful name?  All we need is is all we need... (everybody now)

To get artwork and photographs for her book Sara blogged asking for submissions of peaceful, inspirational themes.  She also created a Facebook page and asked for submissions.  If you are on Facebook please like her page and you will have access to information regarding the book's release, etc...

Now, yours truly (that would be me) submitted a photograph and it was accepted to be part of Sara's book.
Yay me!

And, the even more wonderful thing about the Love From Me project is that all the proceeds from the book go to The Rose Fund c/o the Health Services Foundation in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.  You can read more about the Rose Fund here.

Please go to the Love From Me blog page and read all about it.  You will see a list of the book contributors too.  Check out all their blogs/websites--you'll be glad you did!
You can also check out Sara's personal blog here.

Love From Me~

PS: Isn't this a wonderful logo?
You can read the story about how Sara created the logo here.

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  1. I'm so happy you submitted that beautiful photo, and I'm proud to be hanging out with you (our artwork, that is-ha!) between the covers of this book! XOXO