Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Since it's almost Valentine's Day I figured I'd talk about Christmas

Well, I just got done crafting some Valentine's cards with my daughter for her class.  And it got me thinking about my front doors at Christmastime.  Don't ask me how I got from point A to point B, I have no clue.  But, onwards and upwards...

I loved the simplicity of my front doors at Christmas.  I always meant to post a photo of them, but kept forgetting.  So, the day before Valentine's Day I remembered--lucky you!  Here they are:

I loved just the wreaths on the door.  I think they were from the Martha Stewart collection.  They had pinecones and a tartan bow on them.  Simple.  Classic.  It felt very Dickensian and made me smile every time I pulled up the driveway.

Merry Valentine's Day!

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