Monday, November 8, 2010


I recently saw the movie Secretariat with my children.

It was wonderful.


I highly recommend it.

There is a chance I cried for the entire length of the movie.
I neither confirm nor deny whether or not I did or did not.

(aren't you glad election season is over and we don't have to listen to or watch those ridiculous commercials any more??  gee zoo...)

Now listen, I know I have a special affinity for horses so I am sure that played into my love for the movie, but it really was wonderful.  I aint lyin' people.

You are rooting for the owner (a woman in a man's world); you are rooting for the horse; you are rooting for the trainer; you are rooting for the jockey.  It's just a feel-good movie.

Although, it made me thankful that I was not a housewife in the 70's.
But, enough about that.

Get thee to the cinema!


  1. Tell me the stone-cold truth - is this movie made only for Animal Lovers? Or might a quasi-animal liker enjoy it as well?

  2. I think you, I mean, a quasi-animal lover would enjoy it! It's really not just about the animals. It's about a daughter trying to carry on her father's legacy. It's about a woman trying to compete in a male dominated industry. It's about perseverance. If you're still not sure you'll like it, just wait until it comes out on video and then rent it!