Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Heart Dogs

I have a friend. Her name is Christine. We were friends in high school and she could stuff a whole cupcake in her mouth.

This is why it is so important to stay in school, kids. How else would you learn which of your friends could stuff a whole cupcake in her mouth?!??
Drop-outs don't learn this kind of stuff.

Every year, on her birthday, we would sit in the cafeteria and sing the requisite song and then Christine would proceed to stuff a whole cupcake in her mouth. We were very dignified young ladies. The first time she did it we all gasped. The second time she did it, we cheered! And thus cemented the high school tradition of trying to stuff a whole cupcake in your mouth (a la Christine) on your birthday!!

She was the only one who could ever successfully do it.
Hip Hip Hooray!!

Christine is also a wonderful artist.
You're either born with it, or you're not.
I was not.
Christine was.
A gift indeed. The gift that keeps on giving.
I wish I had been blessed with that gift, but enough about me, let's talk about Christine.
She started her own business. A pet portrait business. Guess what she named it?

Isn't that a great name?
She has painted other species of pets, but dogs are her main focus it seems. Which is a good thing because she is really good at it.
(and I wish I was, but enough about me...geez!!)

Some time last year Christine came up with an idea she entitled '30 in 30' which roughly meant she was going to sketch (just sketch) a dog every day for 3o days. 30 different dogs in 30 straight days. Hence, 30 in 30. Once those 30 days passed she was then going to spend a week on each sketch--turning it into a portrait of the dog (she mostly does oil paintings, but she was going to do a few different mediums with this project). This would take 30 weeks.

I just thought...maybe she should have called it '30 in 30 in 30'. I'll have to discuss this with her at a later date, and probably ask for a cut of the's only fair! No? oh... hmm...what was I saying...oh yes..30 in 30 (in 30...ahem).

This was quite an undertaking. Even for an accomplished artiste. So, to help a sister out I sent her all the photos I had of dogs. I had quite a few because most of my family members and neighbours have dogs and I like to take photographs.
So she is really lucky to know me.
Oh, ahem, sorry, I don't know where that came from. Quite rude if you ask me. humph!

Christine ended up choosing about 5 dogs out of the million photos that I sent her.
One I gave to my darling friend, DeeDee. It was a portrait of her dog, Penny, whom we all refer to as 'the barn dog'. This dog has the best life. Penny went from the pound to a 70 acre horse farm in the blink of an eye. I can't wait to read her memoir.
Another was of my sister's late, great dog, Ceili. Ceili had passed away the previous year, so when I presented this portrait to my sister at Christmastime there were tears. We all still miss Ceili. 16 years of memories that will never be forgotten.

AND...can you tell I saved the best for last?? Oh boy oh boy...she even chose my big, hairy, slobbery St. Bernard. My darling Hoss. I just got the painting from her today. She did a wonderful job (as she always does). I am still searching for the right place to hang it. Right now it is perched atop the piano (and looks quite good there), but I'll let you know where I put it once I decide.

Every time I look at the beautiful painting of Hoss I will think of Christine. And then I will remember how she could stuff a whole cupcake in her mouth. And then I will think how she is so lucky to have such a wonderful talent. And my grandchildren will tell their grandchildren that 'this here painting was painted by a girl that could stuff a whole cupcake in her mouth! That's what Granny always said (but she was always a few cards short of a deck).'

Art. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hoss likes it too.

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  1. See?! You did it again! When I read a post like this, I think I should not be writing. It's Faline who should write a book - not me! I LOVE YOUR STYLE SISTER! I love the sweet and gentle humor that is YOU and the hints of 'stream-of-consciousness" you throw in.

    Great stuff, really great.